Brian Smith, MD

Professor of Laboratory Medicine, of Biomedical Engineering, of Medicine (Hematology) and of Pediatrics; Deputy Dean for Scientific Affairs (Clinical Departments); Chair, Department of Laboratory Medicine

Research Departments & Organizations

Laboratory Medicine: Clinical Hematology Laboratory: General Hematology | Clinical Immunology Laboratory | Immune Monitoring Core Facility

Internal Medicine: Hematology

Yale Cancer Center: Cancer Immunology

Research Interests

Biomedical Engineering; Blood; Blood Cells; Bone Marrow Cells; Curriculum; Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures; Disease Management; Education, Professional; Ethics; Hematology; Hematopoietic System; Hemic and Lymphatic Diseases; Immune System; Laboratories; Lymphoid Tissue; Medical Laboratory Science; Point-of-Care Systems; Practice Patterns, Physicians'; Religion and Medicine; Religion and Science; Stem Cells; Students; Students, Medical; Teaching

Research Summary

Dr. Smith's research laboratory primarily investigates the inflammation-coagulation interface, especially at the cellular level, i.e., the interaction of leukocytes and platelets, but also at the level of soluble mediators such as the complement system. A major interest is in relating basic biological events to human disease, for example, studying the mechanisms and consequences of platelet, leukocyte and complement activation during cardiac surgery, as a consequence of transfusion, in the pathophysiology of tumor metastasis, and in primary hematologic disorders. Because of the importance of inflammation-coagulation in the success or failure of clinically utilized biomechanical devices, the laboratory is also engaged in aspects of biomedical engineering.

In addition to these areas, Dr. Smith is involved in clinically oriented research designed to improve hematologic and immunologic diagnostics and ''personalized'' cell therapy, has published in the area of bioethics, and is engaged in educational methodology research to improve medical student education in Laboratory Medicine.

Specialized Terms: Inflammation-Coagulation Interface; Hematology; Bioethics; Biomedical Engineering; Laboratory Medicine Education; Therapeutic Pathology

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Brian Smith, MD
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Main Office, Department of Laboratory MedicineClinic Building
789 Howard Avenue, Ste Rm 407

New Haven, CT 06519
Chair's Office, Department of Laboratory Medicine55 Park Street, Ste Rm 218
New Haven, CT 06519
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Laboratory MedicinePO Box 208035
New Haven, CT 06520-8035

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