Brett Bade


Research Departments & Organizations

Internal Medicine

Yale Cancer Center: Cancer Prevention and Control

Research Interests

Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell Lung; Palliative Care; Physical Fitness; Quality of Life

Extensive Research Description

My clinical and research interests are improving the quality of life in patients with lung cancer by optimizing management before, during, and after cancer therapy. From a clinical perspective, I have a lung nodule clinic in the Yale Cancer Center. From a research perspective, my primary focus is on physical activity implementation in patients with lung cancer. My goals are to identify the barriers to physical activity implementation, which patients would benefit from physical activity interventions (recognizing that individualized approaches are likely to be more beneficial), delineate how to motivate patients with lung cancer toward physical activity, and identify which activity regiments are best suited for clinical use. I am specifically interested in patient-oriented outcomes. I have published a literature review on the use of physical activity in lung cancer as well as preliminary data on implementing walking-based regiments. Consistent with my interest symptom management, I have also published 2 reviews on the use of palliative care in lung cancer.

Clinical Trials

Conditions Study Title
Lung Assessing the Feasibility of a Patient-centered Activity Regimen in Patients With Advanced Stage Lung Cancer

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