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Xinyu Zhang, PhD

Research Scientist in Psychiatry; Research scientist, Psychiatry

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Xinyu Zhang, PhD


Dr. Xinyu Zhang is a computational biologist with experience of both scientific and industrial research.
He has interdisciplinary knowledge and professional background in cross-fields: biology, oncology, biostatistics, and computer sciences. He was extensively experienced in bioinformatics platform/pipeline/algorithm development and construction, deep data analysis of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) and microarray/chip, biomarker screening, longitudinal (or case/control) GWAS, EWAS, mQTL, eQTL, transcriptome, network (gene modules), system biology, translational bioinformatics. With strong algorithm development and excellent programming skills in Perl, R, Bash, C, PHP, SQL, Python, his The research interests focus on: 1) Autism early diagnosis genetic biomarkers (GWAS/CNV datasets); 2) Alcohol/cocaine addiction and its relation with HIV infection (EWAS/GWAS dataset); 3) Gene-Environmental interaction (methylation and Trauma) and its correlation with BMI (EWAS/Expression dataset). He works on computational medicine field as Associate Research Scientist in Yale Medical School since 2015.

Papers and citations:

Education & Training

  • PhD
    Tsinghua University (2007)

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