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Suzanne Decker, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Research Summary

The underlying goal of my research is to ensure that effective behavioral treatments are available to all individuals, and especially to those with high-risk problems like suicidal ideation or substance abuse. To this end, my current work focuses on three overlapping areas: the adaptation and implementation of behavioral treatments, including understanding treatment mechanisms and factors that moderate treatment effects; high-risk impulsive behaviors like suicidality and substance abuse; and emotion dysregulation as a potential mechanism for substance use and mental health problems. In collaboration with the Yale Psychotherapy Development Center, some of my recent work has examined emotion dysregulation in substance use disorder and assessment approaches in clinician training efforts and clinical trials. My current position with the Mental Illness Research Education and Clinical Center has afforded me the time to develop several projects on Veterans' suicidality and emotion dysregulation. I'm currently conducting a pilot trial on Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Groups for Veterans with suicidal ideation and collaborating with several research groups on projects related to Veterans suicidal ideation, emotion dysregulation, and factors that influence treatment outcome. I recently received pilot funding to use ecological momentary assessment to examine suicidal ideation in women Veterans.


Research Interests

Mental Disorders; Emotions; Psychotherapy; Suicide

Selected Publications