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Suleyman Coskun, PhD, MSc

Assistant Professor Adjunct

Contact Information

Suleyman Coskun, PhD, MSc

Research Summary

My research focus is to identify the key cancer driver genes and their epigenetic regulations in brain tumors. Among various types, we primarily focus on genomic analyses of the two of the most common forms of intracranial tumors, namely meningiomas and gliomas. Integrating ChIP sequencing with RNA-seq and Exome Seq data, we are able to study such complex mechanisms in high-throughput fashion. Modifications to both DNA and histones have a profound effect on transcription and are the best understood of epigenetic changes. Elucidating underlying mechanisms regulating cancer development and progression will lead not only to a better understanding of how the cell of origin may arise in cancer, but also helps to identify root causes to target in order to eradicate cancer.


Selected Publications

  • Vascular Niche in HSC Development, Maintenance and RegulationTissue-Specific Stem Cell Niche, Springer International Publishing, Turksen, K. (Ed.) (2015)