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Rohan Khera, MBBS, MS

Assistant Professor

Research Summary

Dr. Khera’s research focuses on optimal strategies to measure hospital quality of care and patient outcomes across health systems in the United States. His work specifically focuses on unexplained variation in the quality of care and outcomes that may represent a target for interventions to improve healthcare. Dr. Khera has pursued rigorous evaluations of national health policies and their effects on hospital practices and patient outcomes. Another important focus of his group is the financial implication of healthcare services for cardiovascular care. Dr. Khera’s work leverages national registries and large databases, and increasingly focuses on the use of the electronic health record to evaluate both the quality of care patients receive and their outcomes. The work he has led has been published in JAMA, BMJ, Circulation, JAMA Internal Medicine, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, and JAMA Cardiology, among others.


Selected Publications