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Oscar Colegio, MD, PhD

Associate Professor Adjunct - Dermatology

Contact Information

Oscar Colegio, MD, PhD

Research Summary

The focus of our lab is to characterize the role of immune cells called macrophages in tumor progression. The focus of these studies has been to identify pathways of tumorigenesis critical to a variety of murine tumor types including lung carcinoma, melanoma, colon carcinoma and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. In addition, we are performing parallel studies in identifying tumor-promoting pathways produced by infiltrating macrophages in human squamous cell carcinomas from immunosuppressed transplant recipients vs non-immunosuppressed patients.

Specialized Terms: Squamous cell carcinoma; Casal cell carcinoma; Melanoma; Tumor-associated macrophages; Immunology; Hypoxia; Epithelial-mesenchymal transitions; Solid organ transplantation

Extensive Research Description

  • The role of macrophages in progression of cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas


Research Interests

Allergy and Immunology; Carcinoma, Squamous Cell; Dermatology; Melanoma; Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition

Research Images

Selected Publications