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Ning Sun, PhD

Senior Research Scientist in Biostatistics

Research Summary

As a research scientist with expertise in mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, and statistical inference, I have focused on the development and applications of statistical methods for biological and biomedical research. My early focus was on the analysis of microarray data to characterize expression profiles in different tissues and developmental stages and reconstruct regulatory networks. Since then, I have focused on developing tools and pipelines for genome wide association studies, and collaborated with research teams to identify genes associated with psychiatric and substance dependence disorders. My current research focuses on statistical genetics and genomics where rich information has become available in the last decade to allow researchers to probe the whole human genome to identify regions associated with common diseases. I am also interested in developing a statistical framework to integrate phenotype information (through ontology matching) and genome wide association results as well as other sources (e.g. literature, functional information) to assess the disease risk for different phenotypes, discover the functional variants causing a disease, and identify the most effective treatment for patients.


Research Interests

Genetics; Statistics; Genomics; Systems Biology; Biostatistics

Public Health Interests

Aging; Cancer; Genetics, Genomics, Epigenetics

Selected Publications