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Neera Dahl, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine (Nephrology); Medical Director, Nephrology; Director, Nephrology Clinical Trials Program, Nephrology

Contact Information

Neera Dahl, MD, PhD

Mailing Address

  • Nephrology

    PO Box 208029

    New Haven, CT 06520-8029

    United States

Research Summary

I am interested in research involving the diagnosis and management of ADPKD and related cystic kidney diseases. I also have a research interest in factors affecting the formation of kidney stones. As the director of the Yale Nephrology Clinical Trials Program I oversee studies in ADPKD, diabetic kidney disease, kidney stones and glomerulonephritis.

Extensive Research Description

In collaboration with Dr. Tinika Montgomery (nephrology), Drs. Dinesh Singh, Piruz Motamedinia, and Tim Tran (urology) we have created a Kidney Stone Registry to track important aspects of kidney stone management.

In the inherited kidney disease space I am most interested in those aspects of clinical research which improve care for ADPKD patients.


Research Interests

Kidney Diseases; Nephrology

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials

ConditionsStudy Title
Diseases of the Kidney & Urinary TractA Trial to Learn How Well Finerenone Works and How Safe it is in Adult Participants With Non-diabetic Chronic Kidney Disease (FIND-CKD)
Diseases of the Cardiovascular System; Diseases of the Kidney & Urinary Tract; Genetics - AdultGenetic Determinants of Aneurysms in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease
Hepatitis; HIV/AIDS; Immune System; Infectious DiseasesScreening In Anticipation of Future Research
Diseases of the Digestive System - Liver; Genetics - AdultGenetic Studies of Polycystic Livers