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Nancy Suchman, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Associate Professor Yale Child Study Center (secondary appointment)

Contact Information

Nancy Suchman, PhD

Lab Location

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  • Psychiatry

    One Long Wharf Drive

    New Haven, CT 06511

    United States

Research Summary

Dr. Suchman has completed two randomized clinical trials testing the efficacy of Mothering from the Inside Out with mothers in treatment for substance use disorders and caring for young children. Treatment outcomes have included maternal reflective functioning (the capacity to make sense of mental and emotional states underlying behavior), maternal sensitivity, dyadic reciprocity, child attachment status, and maternal psychiatric symptoms and substance use. Dr. Suchman has also piloted MIO with mothers and young children enrolled in mental health services. In her research, she has also identified different dimensions of reflective functioning, examined moderating effects of addiction severity on response to mentalization-based parenting interventions, tested mechanisms of change, and developed materials for training and evaluating treatment fidelity in community-based settings.

Specialized Terms: Mother-child relations; Human attachment; Substance abuse; Intervention development and evaluation; Neurobiology of parenting and addiction

Extensive Research Description

  • Development and evaluation of mentalization-based parenting interventions for mothers with substance use and psychiatric disorders


Research Interests

Child Development; Mother-Child Relations; Neurobiology; Parenting; Substance-Related Disorders; Psychology, Developmental

Selected Publications