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Maurizio Chioccioli, PhD

Assistant Professor of Comparative Medicine and of Genetics

Research Summary

My research program at Yale School of Medicine bring together powerful genome-wide omics approaches, ex vivo human tissue platforms, quantitative in vivo and ex vivo imaging and genetic mouse models to understand mechanisms that govern epithelial stem cells during lung remodeling and repair, and how this goes awry in disease.

In my most recent and significant work, I established longitudinal timelapse imaging of alveolar type 2 (AT2) stem cells in intact lung tissue in vivo and ex vivo to uncover new cellular and molecular mechanisms of lung repair. The major impact of this study is in expanding our understanding of the different mechanisms that tissues use to regenerate including, in this case, migration of stem cells between functional units (alveoli).


Research Interests

Alveolar Process; Lung Injury; Alveolar Epithelial Cells; Intravital Microscopy

Selected Publications