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Kiran Gona, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

Research Summary

Ph.D. in Radiochemistry & Molecular Imaging with 5.1 years of post-doctoral experience, that resulted 16 accepted publications (3 more under preparation), 1 review articles, 1 book chapter, and 5 presentations

Extensive Research Description

June 2006, I obtained my master degree in science with organic chemistry as major specialization from Sri Venkateshwara University (SVU), Tirupati, India. After which for five years, I worked for two contract research pharmaceutical organizations, AVRA labs Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India and Biocon Bristol-Myers Squibb research center, Bangalore, India. This experience gave me an opportunity to train and become and expert in drug discovery research such as design and execution of multi-step synthesis, purification techniques including flash column chromatography, preparative TLC, distillation, crystallization, etc. Sep 2011, I joined the radiochemistry group of Dr. Jordi Llop Roig, at CICbiomaGUNE, Donostia, Spain, as a graduate student. The training here gave me an opportunity to gain experience in clinical and preclinical drug-development research and also gain an experience of different in vivo imaging modalities. As a graduate student and experienced medicinal chemist, I combined these skills to successfully apply in vivo imaging to biological and medical problems. My PhD work was focused on developing radiolabeling strategies for boronated compounds, small molecules, macromolecules and nanoparticles for their applications in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy. Feb 2016, I joined the group of Dr. Mehran Sadeghi, Yale cardiovascular research center, New Haven, USA, as a postdoctoral associate. The main goal of our research at Yale is to develop radiotracers as well as novel non-invasive in vivo imaging approaches as diagnostic tools to monitor the alteration in molecular and cellular processes during development of cardiovascular diseases, with the aim to better monitoring of disease progression and early judgement of risk stratifications.

Research Interests

Chemicals and Drugs; Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment; Health Care