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Jennifer Dearborn-Tomazos, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor Adjunct, Neurology

Contact Information

Jennifer Dearborn-Tomazos, MD, MPH

Research Summary

Our research interests are primarily around energy balance and the secondary prevention of ischemic stroke. Prior and current work has examined the influence of dietary pattern on carotid artery atherosclerosis as measured by advanced techniques, and the influence of the metabolic syndrome on vascular cogntiive impairment. Moving forward, we hope to define dietary practices in stroke patients and better understand how dietary intervention can be used as a tool for secondary stroke prevention. We are particular interested in how dietary biomarkers, both serum and imaging markers of plaque progression, can be used to study the effect of nutrition on vascular health.

specialized terms: brain vascular health; nutrition and stroke; secondary prevention of stroke

Research Interests

Brain; Energy Metabolism; Neurology; Nutrition Assessment; Stroke

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials