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Hang Zhou, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry

Research Summary

My primary research interest is identifying novel genetic risks and exploring the biological etiology for psychiatric diseases and comorbidities.

Extensive Research Description

I lead and participated in several innovative projects and got interesting findings: demonstrated the shared genetic susceptibility contributes to alcohol dependence (AD) and major depression (MD); detected the first gene for the AD-MD comorbidity by genome-wide association study (GWAS); accomplished the largest to date GWAS for alcohol consumption and alcohol use disorder in the Million Veteran Program (MVP); detected a glutamate ionotropic receptor gene as risk for comorbid nicotine dependence and MD. My ongoing projects are focus on: 1). understanding the genetic etiology of opioid use disorder by analyzing MVP data; 2). large scale whole exome sequencing to identify genetic risks for comorbid MD and substance use; 3). shared and causal mechanism between alcohol consumption and MD; 4). causal relationship between alcohol consumption and cancers.


Research Interests

Alcoholism; Anxiety Disorders; Marijuana Abuse; Depressive Disorder, Major; Opioid-Related Disorders; Personality; Tobacco Use Disorder; Depression, Postpartum; Cocaine-Related Disorders; Stress Disorders, Traumatic; Binge Drinking

Selected Publications