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Frederick Wilson, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Frederick Wilson, MD, PhD

Research Summary

Dr. Wilson's research focuses on the identification and characterization of genetic vulnerabilities in cancer as well as genetic determinants of sensitivity and resistance to targeted therapies.

Extensive Research Description

Dr. Wilson's research interests broadly include cancer genomics, cancer vulnerabilities, and resistance to targeted therapies. In one project, he has focused on a functional genomic approach to the identification of novel drivers of resistance to ALK inhibitors in ALK-dependent lung cancers. In a second project, he has worked with collaborators to establish a link between MTAP loss in cancer and dependence on the arginine methyltransferase PRMT5. Ultimately, his research efforts are directed towards the identification of: 1) novel drug targets; and 2) opportunities for therapeutic drug combinations to overcome or delay drug resistance.

Targeted therapies; Genetic vulnerabilities


Research Interests

Lung Neoplasms

Selected Publications

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