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Dean Yimlamai, MD/PhD

Assistant Professor; Director of Pediatric Hepatology Research, Pediatrics

Contact Information

Dean Yimlamai, MD/PhD

Mailing Address

  • Pediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology

    375 Congress Ave

    New Haven, CT 06519

    United States

Research Summary

The Yimlamai lab focuses on liver development, regeneration and oncogenesis. We primarily study these processes through the lens of the Hippo signaling pathway, a biochemical pathway that controls organ growth. Using a combination of mouse models, biochemistry, next generation sequencing and patient samples, we aim to discover biologically relevant mechanisms that can define critical steps to change the course of disease.

Using our knowledge and skills, we have made significant contributions in various aspects of understanding regenerative liver biology including describing links between mTOR and Hippo signaling (Tumaneng K. et al. NCB. 2012), manipulation of Hippo Signaling to increase the plasticity, facilitate the expansion and culturing of hepatocytes (Yimlamai et al. Cell, 2014.), describing how the Hippo pathway associates with the mitotic spindle, helping to properly time chromosome segregation (Ganem et al., Cell. 2014) and describing the role that Yap plays in regulating metabolic genes to imbue hepatocellular carcinoma a competitive growth advantage in vivo (Cox et al., NCB. 2016.). Currently, we are focused on the role of YAP in hepatocytes to direct liver parenchymal remodeling (Mooring et al. Hepatology. 2020) and through these studies I have found a direct link between hepatocyte activation and non-parenchymal cell crosstalk.