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Dawn W Foster, PhD, MPH

Lecturer in Psychiatry; Assistant Professor, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Yale School of Public Health

Research Summary

My overarching purpose as a researcher is to conduct and disseminate innovative research that has the potential to make practical and meaningful contributions to individuals and society as a whole. A central theme of my research is the focus on social psychological principles related to etiology, prevention, and treatment of health risk behaviors. I conduct addiction research on cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco use among young adults, with particular focus on social psychological and contextual correlates and determinants of substance use. My program of research focuses on the characterization of cognitive processes and behavioral indicators related to the etiology, prevention, and treatment of substance use. This includes examinations of substance-related motives, expectancies, problems, refusal self-efficacy, and perceived norms, as well as indicators of mental health including dependence, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.


Selected Publications