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Brian M. Shuch, MD

Associate Professor Adjunct

Research Summary

1) Molecular characterization of sporadic and hereditary kidney cancer

2) Development of novel therapeutic strategies for Kidney cancer

3) Development of novel biomarkers to avoid overtreatment of small renal masses

4) Integration of molecular diagnostics and Genomics data to patient care

Extensive Research Description

1) Development of a Genitourinary Biorepository- currently we are establishing a GU cancer repository with well anotated clinical information. This will be a major resource for the Yale Cancer Center as any investigator wishing to perform translational research will have access to cancer tissue, urine, and blood samples.

2) Kidney Cancer Genetics Evaluation Program- This clinical program is focus on the identification of new kidney cancer syndromes. All patients are referred through the team for whole genome sequencing. We have a CLIA approved gene panel for kidney cancer. The other genes are for research purposes. Creation of cell lined and having available tissue will allow characterization of potential new germline cancer syndromes.

3) Neoadjuvant RCC trials- We have submitted proposals to treat patients with metastatic disease with novel immunotherapy prior to cytoreductive surgery for clear cell RCC. The primary end point is to see if we can have a much improved systemic response harnessing the primary tumor to interact with the immune system. We have conditional approval from 2 companies to partner with us for the protocol.

4) Active surveillance RCC trial- we are creating a trial aimed at avoiding overtreatment of small tumors. We plan on opening this shortly and will use advanced genomic techniques for tumor characterization.

5) Genomic heterogeneity in Small renal masses- My K08 evaluates the impact of molecular subtype, driver copy number changes, and driver mutations in various regions of kidney cancer. We investigate how this impacts selection of therapy in patients with small renal masses.


Research Interests

Adrenal Cortex Neoplasms; Genetics; Neoplastic Syndromes, Hereditary; Urinary Tract; Urologic Neoplasms

Public Health Interests

Biomarkers; Cancer; Clinical Trials; Genetics, Genomics, Epigenetics; Health Care Management; Metabolism

Selected Publications