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Angelique W. Levi, MD

Associate Professor of Pathology; Vice Chair and Director of Pathology Outreach Services, Pathology

Research Summary

Dr. Levi’s clinical research and the implementation of automation in Pap test screening in the Yale cytology division has lead to improvements in the Pap test QA/QC program, cytotechnologist workload, laboratory efficiency, and the turn-around-time of Pap test results. Additionally, her clinical research and the implementation of concurrent molecular testing from liquid-based Pap tests has aided in outpatient gynecologic care and clinical management of infectious vaginitis/cervical disease and human papillomavirus-related cervical dysplasia. Building on her previous experience at a private sector pathology laboratory that studied prostate cancer biomarkers with image analysis, her research interests also include prostate cancer pathology and correlation with image analysis.


Selected Publications

Clinical Trials