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Adam de Havenon, MD, MSCI

Associate Professor Term

Contact Information

Adam de Havenon, MD, MSCI

Mailing Address

  • 15 York Street

    New Haven, CT 06510

    United States

Research Summary

My main areas of research include: 1) intracranial atherosclerosis, 2) white matter hyperintensities and VCID, and 3) blood pressure variability.

Extensive Research Description

During vascular neurology fellowship training, I discovered that I want the expertise to successfully fill the space between the basic science of stroke research and its implementation in human subjects. My long-term research goal is to bridge these fields and lead a team of basic and clinical researchers to address the most treatment-resistant diseases in vascular neurology and to provide excellent care to patients suffering from these diseases. I have consistently obtained competitive grant awards, including a K23 from NIH/NINDS that will continue through 2024. In 2021, I finished a Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation degree. I am the principal investigator of the observational trial in my K23 and an investigator initiated interventional trial funded by AMGEN pharmaceuticals. At my prior institution, I established the de Havenon Lab and mentees in my lab received a number of research awards and scholarships, including an NIH NRS training grant and an American Academy of Neurology Medical Student Research Scholarship. I am hopeful to establish a lab with trainees at Yale in the coming year.


Selected Publications