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Archana Shrestha, PhD

Assistant Professor Adjunct

Contact Information

Archana Shrestha, PhD

Research Summary

Dr. Shrestha's research experience encompasses diverse topics on implementation science, capacity building and epidemiological research on chronic diseases a in the context of developing countries.

Extensive Research Description

1. Community-based lifestyle intervention for diabetes management in rural Nepal: A cluster randomized trial of a combination of community health workers (CHWs), peer supporter and regular telephone calls. Funded by the Global Alliance for Chronic Disease (GACD), the project aims to measure the reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation and maintenance (RE-AIM) metrics of implementing a lifestyl intervention to diabetes patients through primary health care level institutions in Nepal.

2. Translational Research Capacity Building Initiative to Address Cardiovascular Diseases in Nepal. Funded by NHLBI, NIH, the project's goal is to build a translational research capacity in local researchers in Nepal and conduct national needs assessment to prevent and manage cardiovascular diseases.

3. Population-Based Longitudinal Study on Cardiovascular Diseases and Risk Factors in Dhulikhel, Nepal. The goal of the study is to employ standardized methodology to obtain estimates of CVD mortality and morbidity rates in addition to evaluating associations with health history, behaviors and other risk factors for CVD. This also aims to prepare a platform for conducting ancillary implementation studies in the prevention and management of CVD.

4. Nepal Pioneer Worksite intervention study to prevention diabetes. Funded by NIH DP award, the goal of the study is to test the effectiveness of environmental and individual level dietary interventions among employees of a worksite in Nepal, Mexico and India.

5. Cervical Cancer Prevention in Low Resource Setting – An Implementation Trial in Nepal. Funded by Yale Cancer Center, this project evaluates the implementation of careHPV self-sample testing and treatment in Nepal.

6. Cancer and Sexual Stigma and its Association with Cervical Cancer Screening Uptake in Nepal. Funded by Yale Cancer Center, this study aims to validated cancer and sexual stigma tools in Nepal, measure the stigma using valid tools, and assess assocation of stigma with cervical cancer screenig uptake.

7. Develop, Implement, and Evaluate Public Food Procurement Policy in Nepal. Funded by Resolve to Save Lives, this project aims to develop, implement and evaluate public food procurement policy at municipal level governance in Nepal.


Research Interests

Cardiovascular Diseases; Hypertension; Obesity; Global Health; Diabetes, Gestational; Healthy Lifestyle; Implementation Science

Selected Publications