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Community Involvement

Improving Women’s Mental Health Education

Members have written 3 chapters on women’s mental health for the Yale OB/GYN department to use in training future gynecologists in the recognition and treatment of common mental health issues in women, including premenstrual dysphoric disorder, menopausal issues, and perinatal mental health. The 6-session curriculum trained psychiatry residents on key issues, such as gender-based violence, perinatal mental health and more. The curriculum incorporated material from the National Curriculum in Reproductive Psychiatry.

Creating Clinical Training Opportunities to Care for Patients

In collaboration with Yale-New Haven Hospital, Yale Psychiatry and Yale OB/GYN leadership, committee members are working hard to create a place where women-identified patients can receive specialized care for women’s mental health issues. Few clinics specifically focused on women’s mental health exist in the United States, let alone the world. Such a cutting-edge clinic could both educate future physicians on women’s mental health while providing top-of-the-line mental health care to women.

Community Engagement During COVID-19

To keep ourselves and our communities safe, the government and various health organizations are advising families to quarantine and avoid social contact. However, the home may not be a safe place for many women and children during this time. COVID19 has statistically increased the number of distress calls received by domestic violence helplines. The risk of injury or death for women and children increases significantly when isolating with an abuser. In an effort to support victims of IPV during the global pandemic, the WMHC team will be collaborating with community-based organizations who are providing re-housing, food, and childcare services.