Joyce Taylor, PhD

Dr. Joyce Lee Taylor is an expert in child welfare, whose work over the last 24 years includes service provision and change management in three related areas: child protective services, juvenile justice, and children’s mental health. She is Senior Consultant within the Yale Program on Supervision and the lead trainer and coach on supervision and management in child welfare. She has a master’s degree in Child Welfare Studies and obtained her doctorate from the Heller School of Policy and Management at Brandeis University.

In her former role as Deputy Commissioner at the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, Dr. Taylor led major reforms and increased accountability and efficiency within this large department with its $750 million annual budget and 2,700 employees. She chaired the governor’s interagency task force on the Juan F Consent Decree, which resulted from a federal class-action lawsuit for child welfare reform. She obtained increased federal revenues under Title IV-E in order to: establish more realistic caseload standards; increase staff training and supervision; and build capacity for collecting and analyzing data, which is vitally important in achieving positive outcomes for children. She proposed and obtained $1 million in new state funding to develop a network of specialized clinicians for adopted children and to establish a new college fund for adopted children within the state.

Prior to her appointment as an agency leader, Dr. Taylor worked at Long Lane School, Connecticut’s juvenile justice facility. Her career has involved diverse positions, including child protection worker, supervisor, manager for training and direct services, and regional Mental Health Program Director.

After moving to Massachusetts, Dr. Taylor spent five years working for the Court Monitor in Rosie D, which resulted from a federal class-action lawsuit on children’s mental health reform. She has a faculty appointment at the Springfield College School of Social Work, where she teaches a wide range of courses on practice, research, policy, and social work administration.