Muni Winslow, MD

Munidasa Winslow has worked in general psychiatry and addiction medicine at the Singapore Institute of Mental Health since 1988. He was a pioneer in Asia, responsible for the setting up and development of addiction services both in the hospital and in the community. His last appointment was as chief of the Addiction Medicine Department, IMH.

He is recognized as an expert in addiction and impulse control disorders (alcohol, substance dependence, gambling, gaming, and sexual compulsivity) in the Asia-Pacific area frequently speaking at conferences around the region. Dr. Winslow served as the head of the Community Addictions Management Program of the Institute of Mental Health from 2001-2008.

He is currently the Executive Director of Promises PTE Ltd. in Singapore and is credentialed as a certified master addictions counselor and a certified clinical supervisor. He has published and presented widely on both general psychological and addiction issues. He continues his academic and research interests through his academic appointments with Duke University and National University of Singapore, teaching in many medical and counseling courses. Dr. Winslow has trained on the topics of clinical supervision and counseling skills throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States.