Esra Cavusoglu, MA

Esra Cavusoglu is the Executive Director of the Oya Bahadir Yuksel Rehabilitation Center in Gaziantep, Turkey. In this capacity, she designed and implemented the Turkey Model of Rehabilitation, which has become the standard in the country. Previously, she served for two years as Vice President of Operations of the Gaziantep Center, collaborating with key Turkish government and health consultancy officials. Ms. Cavusoglu has trained in the United States and internationally.

She worked at the Caron Treatment Center in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, on the young adult male and relapse prevention unit, and completed an internship at the Addiction Institute of New York where she conducted individual and group counseling sessions. Currently she is Chair of the Middle East Certification Board, a member of the Asia Pacific Certification Board, and is a certified addiction counselor in the State of Pennsylvania.

Ms. Cavusoglu has published articles on addiction treatment in Turkey and has been awarded Presidential Recognition for Contribution to the Well Being of Turkish Society. She is an active supporter of Let Our Children Go to School, an NGO with global impact.