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The Yale Stress Center is a leading interdisciplinary Center making new discoveries on the  science of stress and finding new ways to prevent and reverse the destructive effects of stress on integrated brain, body and behavior. It utilizes a collaborative team science approach with world class scientists and outstanding clinical specialists to provide brain-mind-body interventions to reduce stress, improve health and wellbeing and ultimately enhance peace and compassion. Research on new discoveries in understanding the brain-body mechanisms that drive the harmful effects on stress on health and the resilience factors that enhance brain, body and spiritual aspects of functioning is conducted so novel ways to promote health and wellness may be developed. Your support of the Yale Stress Center will advance integrated brain-body healthcare as well as support much needed research targeting the best ways to prevent both the development of stress-related diseases and also prevent exacerbation and relapse in stress-related disorders.

Have you or your family member been helped by integrative health approaches? Do you want to give back to see integrative holistic approaches be supported and utilized widely? Your tax-deductible donation could allow someone else to get much needed help at the Yale Stress Center.

To discuss giving and your support, please contact Director Rajita Sinha, Ph.D. at or 203-737-5805