Progesterone for Prevention of Postpartum Cocaine Relapse

This pilot study evaluated the influence of progesterone on drug use in postpartum women. Pre-clinical data show that progesterone attenuates cravings for and subjective response to stimulants in women. This R21 proposed a placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial that enrolled 50 postpartum women with a history of cocaine abuse or dependence to assess whether progesterone (100mg twice daily) decreases postpartum cocaine use. The specific aims of the study were as follows:

  • To evaluate whether postpartum women with a history of cocaine abuse or dependence had less cocaine use if they are randomized to progesterone than placebo.
  • To obtain information about the safety and tolerability of progesterone treatment in the postpartum period.
  • To compare cocaine cravings in both groups.

All women enrolled in the study received study medication for 12 weeks and were offered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for substance misuse at each weekly visit. Women were compensated up to $580 for participating.

Results & Publications are not yet available being that data are currently being analyzed. Study updates will be posted as they become available.

Yale HIC #1005006793

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