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Requests for Datasets for Secondary Analysis

Photo by Jerry Domian (Yale)

Data analysis for randomized clinical trials.

Our research center supports the principles of providing public accessible datasets for the scientific community. Investigators interested in conducting secondary analyses on our studies should follow these steps.


STEP 1: Review the available data files and study information in the Table "Study Name and Available Data from the Yale Psychotherapy Center Studies". Decide on the files that you will need for your proposal.

STEP 2: Download the "Yale Psychotherapy Center Data Request Form". Fill in all of the questions on the form, (which includes a section to list the files you selected from the Available Data Table).

STEP 3: Email the completed form to Psychotherapy Center Data Repository Coordinator (Tami Frankforter email:

If you have any questions, please contact the coordinator (Tami Frankforter) by email. The request will be processed as quickly as possible. The coordinator will contact you with the status and any follow up questions that may arise during the review process. A data use agreement will be sent to you with the data set.