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Photo by Jerry Domian (Yale)

A Stage Model of Behavioral Therapies Research: Getting Started and Moving on From Stage 1

Yale's Psychotherapy Development Research Center, together with NIDA's Behavioral and Integrative Treatment Branch, articulated the Stage Model of Psychotherapy Research and pioneered its application as the leading model for psychotherapy research for substance use disorders in the United States.

  • Developing new treatments and testing their feasibility in pilot studies, including creating and refining intervention manuals
  • Efficacy testing of promising treatments using randomized controlled trial and investigation of mechanisms of action
  • Effectiveness testing through implementation in community treatment settings to test generalizability to real-world through different implementation strategies

Products/Procedures developed and refined through iterative process in Stages:

  • Field-tested treatment manuals
  • Therapist training procedures and videos
  • Supervision and monitoring plans
  • Therapy process and adherence/competence assessments
  • Guidelines for adapting treatments for special populations and problems