David Sells, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry

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Psychological Phenomena

Research Organizations

Connecticut Mental Health Center

Recovery and Community Health, Yale Program for

Yale Cancer Center: Cancer Prevention and Control

Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health

Research Summary

Therapeutic relationships—broadly considered—are my passions in research. My studies have included client perception of acceptance in counseling, peer support in cancer survivorship, and mentored community reentry, and throughout each, I have felt inspired by the capacity to connect with others in ways that can ameliorate distress and galvanize meaningful action. While squarely in the realm of clinical psychology, the topic also converges with sociology, anthropology, medicine, and literature, and I am fortunate to have collaborated with authorities from all these areas. Correspondingly I feel most enthusiastic when employing mixed methods designs, integrating data from "numbers to narratives," and assessing how findings inform stories of personal and collective significance.

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David Sells, PhD
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