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Assessing Money Mismanagement

Interventions are available for clients with psychiatric disabilities who mismanage their funds but there are few validated measures of money mismanagement.

A widely-used intervention, the involuntary assignment of a representative payee, depends on a clinical judgment that the client is incapable of managing funds but there are no validated measures of capability for this population.

Several measures of money mismanagement are being tested.

Structured Clinical Interview for Money Mismanagement (S.C.I.M.M.)

  • The S.C.I.M.M. is a semi-structured clinical interview designed to rate the extent of a client’s mismanagement of funds, and can also be scored to rate whether he/she is incapable of managing funds. It involves an assessment of the last year’s expenditures, living situations and costs, and any periods when there was not enough money for housing.
  • S.C.I.M.M. Manual

Client-Rated Assessment

  • The client-rated assessment consists of items that address substance use, ability to meet basic needs and spending habits.
  • Client-Rated Assessment

Clinician Assessment of Financial Incapability (C.A.F.I.)

  • The CAFI is a clinician-rated assessment in the pilot phase of development.
  • Black AC, McMahon TJ, Rosenheck RA, Ball SA, Ries RK, Ames D, Rosen MI. Development of the Clinician Assessment of Financial Incapability (CAFI). Psychiatry Res. 2014; 215(3):784-9.
  • CAFI Instrument (Phase II)

Financial Incapability Structured Clinical Assessment done Longitudinally (F.I.S.C.A.L)