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Transplant Psychiatry Section

Psychiatry has been working closely with the Yale Transplantation Center (YTC) since 2006. Currently the section consists of one psychiatrist, a psychologist, Consultation Liaison Psychiatry fellows, Addiction Psychiatry fellows and psychology fellows. Over 400 patients, potential organ recipients and donors are evaluated every year, both inpatient and outpatient.

Our main goal is to identify and address mental health issues which may interfere with a successful outcome of organ transplantation and assist patients to overcome this major health challenge. Psychopharmacological treatment and/or psychotherapy is provided when appropriate, especially in the peri-operative period when transplant candidates prepare and recover from the transplant surgery. In addition, all living organ donor must undergo a mental health assessment prior to being accepted and undergo surgery.

Our section is fully integrated in the YTC recipient review committees and the living donor committees.

The director of the Transplant Psychiatry Section is Paula Zimbrean, MD who focuses on liver and kidney recipients and donors. Susan Gold-Rubman, PhD, joined the service in 2017 and provides evaluations and psychotherapy to organ transplant candidates and organ donors.