YNHH-St. Raphael's Campus Psychiatric Consultation Service

The Psychiatric Consultation Service at St. Raphael’s Campus provides psychiatric evaluation, treatment and, where indicated, referrals to patients admitted to the inpatient medical, surgical, obstetrics and intensive rehabilitation units of this campus. All manner of psychiatric and behavioral difficulties are addressed, including the treatment of mood issues arising in the context of medical illness, psychiatric and behavioral disturbances associated with dementia and delirium, and management of patients with underlying psychiatric illness who require hospitalization. Admission to inpatient psychiatric care is secured when warranted. The service also evaluates decision-making capacity of patients when it is in question. Additionally, the service provides liaison support to hospital caregivers as well as education about psychiatric illness and its management in the medical setting.

The inpatient service currently is staffed by one full-time attending as well as nearly two full-time equivalent psychiatric Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. One Yale medical student rotates on the service most of the year, and teaching is also provided to Quinnipiac University Physician Assistant students. The service provides more than 2,000 patient contacts annually.

The Psychiatric Consultation Service offers consultative support to some outpatient clinics, currently the St. Raphael Campus Bariatric Surgery Program and the Haelen Center, the HIV clinic of this campus.