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The Interdisciplinary Adult Sickle Cell Program (ASCP)

The program was developed in 2012 to provide high quality, cost-effective care through a comprehensive, multidisciplinary clinical approach for adults with sickle cell disease, in order to shift care away from more expensive and less effective emergency/inpatient services.

The program consists of a program director, hematologists, mental health providers, APRNs, and social workers. Additional targeted resources include a dedicated inpatient unit, as well as care coordination, pharmacy and patient relations staff.

Multiple clinical protocols and interdisciplinary interventions for adults with sickle cell were established by late 2012, including mental health services.

Dr. Ariadna Forray is the Mental Health Director and psychiatric provider for the program. She oversees the mental health services provided by the program, including inpatient consultation, depression, anxiety and substance abuse screening for all patients, and outpatient psychiatric treatment embedded in the hematology clinic.