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Why I Chose Yale

Meagan Carr

My Background

I am a soon to be graduate of the Clinical Psychology program at Eastern Michigan University, and the wonderful predoctoral internship at Yale. For next steps, I am staying at Yale to join The Consultation Center’s NIDA funded T32 to work in the areas of addiction, eating, health disparities, and community based participatory research.

I am interested in researching addiction, addictive behaviors, and understanding the development and course of these conditions. I also have a specific interest in issues related to diversity and addiction, including how methods of assessment may influence our understanding of clients of color and their experiences with the symptoms of addiction.

My clinical background includes serving as a DBT therapist in an outpatient clinic; a neuropsychology extern; an individual and group therapy provider for individuals participating in methadone maintenance therapy; a therapist on randomized controlled trials aimed at helping individuals with excess weight and binge eating as well as patients with a history of bariatric surgery; and an outpatient provider for adults, adolescents, and families with an emphasis on evidenced-based treatment.

Why I Chose Yale

This is a two-part question! There are the reasons that I chose Yale at the application stage, based on all the information available on this website, and there are the reasons I would choose Yale all over again after going through the experience.

Regarding the former, I was very drawn to the structure of the program, which includes 2, year-long placements. These placements are considered primary and secondary, which involves about 24 and 12 hours of my week respectively. I really enjoy being part of a team over a longer period of time, and the opportunity to stay in these placements for the whole year was unique and exactly what I wanted. I also felt like the program’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion was a good fit for my training goals. From didactics to supervision and clinical work, this is a core value of the program and something that I enjoyed very much.

Regarding my experiences throughout the year, I most enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of wonderful teams, that cared a lot, included and valued interns in the decision making, and helped me to grow as a therapist enormously. I also value my supervisors, in part, because their dedication to training and care for me as a person was always abundantly clear. My supervisors are available and invested and I benefit significantly from their guidance.

My Favorite Things to do in/around New Haven

I think there is a great food scene for a city that is relatively small. My favorites include Geronimo’s, De Legna, and the many frozen yogurt/ice cream options.

New Haven is a walk-able and drive-able city, with several different fun and interesting neighborhoods. I live in Wooster Square, which hosts a great farmer’s market on Saturday mornings.

I also enjoy, or try to enjoy, the many cultural events, lectures, and shows hosted by Yale and the surrounding community. On any given night there are lectures by influential authors, plays written and directed by Yale students (check out the Cabaret theatre), symphony orchestra performances; full disclosure—I still need to attend. Internship is, as it should be, a very busy year!