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Program Aims & Actions

Program Aims

The overarching aim of the Yale Doctoral Internship in Clinical and Community Psychology is to provide state-of-the-art training to the next generation of health service psychologists that:
1. Prepares them for entry-level practice in which they deliver high quality services within an increasingly integrated healthcare landscape;
2, Fosters growth and development of psychology leaders and innovators who can effectively apply their knowledge and skills to ensure access, availability and affordability of psychological interventions to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse public;
3. Fosters academic leadership and development, including scholarly contributions to the field;
4. Promotes the career development of fellows by facilitating informed choices about their next steps professionally.

Program Actions

To support attainment of program aims, the program utilizes the following actions:

Action 1

Provide a doctoral internship of exceptional quality that combines intensive and diverse professional experiences, supervision and mentoring from a skilled faculty, highly interactive seminars, and opportunities for scholarship.

Action 2

Foster the development among fellows of an intermediate level of competency in the program's core competencies, which are as follows:

Objective A: Communication and Interpersonal skills
Objective B: Individual and Cultural Diversity
Objective C: Professional Values, Attitudes and Behaviors
Objective D: Ethical and Legal Standards
Objective E: Assessment
Objective F: Intervention
Objective G: Consultation, interprofessional/interdisciplinary, and Systems-Based Practice
Objective H: Supervision
Objective I: Research and Scholarship

Action 3

Promote the career development of fellows, facilitating an informed choice about their next steps professionally.

Strategy A: Increase the fellows' awareness of career options and post-internship opportunities
Strategy B:Support fellows in searching for and securing post-internship positions