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Isabel Torres

Program Administrator

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Isabel Torres


Isabel Torres, BA, is a Program Administrator at Elevate Policy Lab in the Yale School of Public Health's Office of Public Health Practice. Elevate's mission is to advance family mental health as a strategy for interrupting intergenerational poverty and promoting social and economic mobility. As Program Administrator at Elevate, Isabel works on the implementation team to tailor, adapt, and scale the MOMS Partnership®—a program model and suite of evidence-based maternal mental health interventions—with government and community partners across the U.S. She also conducts qualitative research as part of program evaluation. She first joined Elevate as a Special Assistant, working closely with the Executive Director to support operations across implementation, policy, and communications. Isabel earned her undergraduate degree from Williams College in Critical Health Studies, a self-designed interdisciplinary major focused on engaging health and medicine in and through fields such as neuroscience, sociology, and anthropology. She has experience in ethnographic research and neuroimaging research on complex psychiatric disorders. Isabel previously taught science curriculum in elementary schools, working with peers and community leaders to develop and broaden conversations on trauma-informed practices in education. She is also passionate about reproductive health and justice, serving as a doula in her local community.

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