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Hemrie Zalman

Postgraduate Fellow

Contact Information

Hemrie Zalman


Hemrie Zalman is a postgraduate fellow in the Yale doctoral internship in Clinical & Community Psychology. These days he is completing his doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Yeshiva University after he earned his B.A. in Law and Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

Hemrie's clinical research focuses on the treatment of patients who struggle with pathological narcissism. His research aims at reducing the high dropout rates among this population by identifying techniques therapists can use to engage their patients in treatment. Hemrie's research is mainly qualitative. He interviewed dozens of therapists of different clinical orientations across the country about what worked and did not work for their patients in treatment. In addition, he is involved in research on trans-generational trauma. He explores how living by holocaust survivors has affected survivors' children and grandchildren's emotional and cognitive functioning.

Hemrie works with individuals suffering from severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia and personality disorders, at the Connecticut Mental Health Center. He also gained diverse clinical experience throughout the past several years in other settings. He was a therapist and assessor in the Columbia University PTSD Research and Treatment Program, where he worked with individuals who suffered different types of trauma. He was a therapist in the NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, where he worked with individuals exploring their personal conflicts, meaning in life, and interpersonal relationships. And, lastly, he worked at Jamaica Hospital with individuals who suffered severe depression and psychosis on an inpatient unit.

Education & Training

  • MA
    Yeshiva University
  • BA
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem