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Citizens—Community Enhancement Project

Quotes from Students
  • "[The program provided] somewhere to go and something to do besides going to jail. How? By giving me the necessary skills to deal with the street."
  • "I learned how to advocate for myself and that gave me the courage to continue school."
  • "This group has made me realize that I have good qualities and I can contribute greatly to my community."
  • "This program gave me a lot of valuable information and some of it helped me find a home. I’d been homeless almost four years."
  • "This program has given me structure, confidence, love, support, positivity. Me!!!”
  • "The information I received about jobs for ex-offenders helped me to look in the right direction."
  • "I’m now able to cope with personal issues that in the past would send me back to using."
  • "I like the way people who have graduated come back to visit and tell us how they’re doing today."
  • "We can laugh about stuff and that makes me happy when I come here."
  • "This program showed me how to bring my ideas, dreams and goals into reality."
  • "I learned how to talk to people, listen better and deal with my problems."
  • "We have the opportunity to network and learn about what’s available in the community. This can be jobs, apartments or what doctors accept our insurance."

For more information about the Citizens Project, please contact Michael Rowe, Ph.D.