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Critical Condition

July 12- September 16th, 2011

Critical Condition: When Silence Speaks

Liana Dragoman
Monica Ong
Silvia Rigon
The Center for Digital Storytelling

This exhibition positions the body as a stage—where embedded beliefs and social constructs collide and re-emerge as transformative narratives about cultural anomalies in public health. These artists and storytellers gather voices of witness and meditation, asking questions that are poignant but pointed.

What happens when a woman’s body cannot be translated? Why do scars persist and what do they teach us about silenced histories? When aberrations in cell growth spell out a terminal condition, what happens to our illusion of security? How do we contend with stigma in the face of sexual abuse or mental illness? These ruptures call on us to revisit—and redefine—the social conditions from which they erupt, spill, and burn into our shared memory.