Sarah K Fineberg, MD, PhD


Selected Publications

  • Fineberg SK, Steinfeld M, J Brewer*, and PR Corlett*. “A computational psychiatry account of Borderline Personality Disorder : Impaired predictive learning about self and others through bodily simulation”. Front. Psychiatry 5:111.
  • Fineberg SK, Deutsch-Link, SD, Ichinose, M, McGuinness, T, Bessette, A, Chung, C, and PR Corlett. “Word use in First Person Accounts may relate to perceptual, cognitive and social dysfunction in schizophrenia.” British Journal of Psychiatry 2015 Jan;206(1):32-8 (epub June 2014
  • Fineberg SK, Mecca AP, Lerner BA, Hills OF, Viron M, and PR Corlett. “Idiom use in a young man with schizophrenia and prominent sexual delusions.” Harv Rev Psychiatry. 2014 Sep-Oct;22(5):306-15.

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