Patrick D. Skosnik, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Research Interests

Association Learning; Auditory Perception; Marijuana Abuse; Conditioning, Eyelid; Electroencephalography; Marijuana Smoking; Memory, Short-Term; Psychoses, Substance-Induced; Verbal Learning; Designer Drugs; Drugs, Investigational; Schizophrenia and Disorders with Psychotic Features; Executive Function; Memory, Long-Term; Drug-Seeking Behavior; Neuroimaging; Memory, Episodic; Controlled Substances; Medical Marijuana; Mindfulness; Chemicals and Drugs

Research Organizations

Psychiatry: Psychology Section | Schizophrenia Research Clinic

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

Dr. Skosnik is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and directs the Psychophysiology Laboratory within the VA-CMHC-Yale Schizophrenia Research Clinic (Directed by Dr. Deepak C. D’Souza and Dr. Mohini Ranganathan). The long-term goals of his research program are focused on ascertaining the neurobiological bases of psychosis and substance abuse, particularly in relation to the human cannabinoid system. Toward this end, his area of study lies at the intersection between biological psychiatry, cognitive neuroscience, and neuropharmacology.

Extensive Research Description

Dr. Skosnik utilizes numerous psychophysiological methods including electroencephalography (EEG), polysomnography (PSG), and eyeblink conditioning (EBC). He is also the Principal Investigator on several projects utilizing neuroimaging methods such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and positron emission tomography (PET). More specifically, he has several parallel lines of research that include: 1) The effect of chronic cannabinoids on measures of cognition, functional connectivity, neural oscillations, and central cannabinoid receptor availability; 2) The effect of acute cannabinoids (THC and cannabidiol) on electrophysiological biomarkers (e.g. gamma oscillations) germane to psychosis; 3) The role of the endogenous cannabinoid system (cannabinoid receptor availability and endocannabinoid levels) in schizophrenia and substance abuse.

Selected Publications (out of more than 45):

  1. Johannesen, J. and Skosnik, P. D. (in press). Applied EEG. In: Kaplan & Sadock’s Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, 10th Edition, edited by Benjamin J. Sadock, Virginia A. Sadock, and Pedro Ruiz. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a Wolters Kluwer business.
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  3. Ranganathan, M., Cortes-Briones, J. A., Radhakrishnan, R., Thurnauer, H., Planeta, B., Skosnik, P. D., Gao, H., Labaree, D., Neumeister, A., Pittman, B., Huang, Y., Carson, R. E., D’Souza, D. C. (in press). Reduced Brain Cannabinoid Receptor Availability In Schizophrenia. Biological Psychiatry.
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