Manuel Paris, Jr, PsyD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Deputy Director, Hispanic Services, CMHC; Director, Psychology Training Program, Hispanic Services, CMHC

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Psychiatry: Connecticut Latino Behavioral Health System | Connecticut Mental Health Center: Hispanic Clinic | Psychology Section

Office of Cooperative Research


Dr. Manuel Paris is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry (in Psychology) at the Yale University School of Medicine and Deputy Director of Hispanic Services for the Connecticut Mental Health Center. He also serves as Director of Training for the Latino Track of the Yale Psychology Pre and Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program at the Hispanic Clinic. His professional focus is on the adaptation of evidence-based interventions within a culturally appropriate framework, with a specific emphasis on motivational interviewing for co-occurring disorders. As such, he is actively involved in the following three areas: 1) evaluation of cultural/linguistic adaptations of evidence based interventions and assessments; 2) multisite training and fidelity monitoring; and 3) workforce development. He has co-authored numerous articles on Latino behavioral health issues and also teaches and lectures extensively on this topic. In 2007, he co-created the Connecticut Latino Behavioral Health System (CT LBHS). The CT LBHS represents a united effort to enhance, expand, and evaluate a network of treatment services developed from regional partnerships and tailored to meet the specific behavioral health needs of the Latino community.

Education & Training

PsyD Nova Southeastern University (2000)
MS Nova Southeastern University (1996)
Psychology Posdoctoral Fellow Yale University
Psychology Predoctoral Fellow Yale University

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Manuel Paris, Jr, PsyD
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