Lynelle Schneeberg, PsyD, D, ABSM

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medicine


Dr. Schneeberg is a Clinician within the Department of Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine and a member of the Medical Staff at Yale New Haven Hospital. She completed her internship at the West Haven VA Medical Center and specialized in behavioral medicine, specifically in the areas of cardiac rehabilitation and chronic pain.

She then completed her residency at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare, providing evaluation and treatment to inpatients and outpatients receiving physical rehabilitation; typical diagnoses for these patients were end-stage COPD, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, stroke and so on.

She went on to earn her Diplomate in Sleep Medicine from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and now treats behavioral sleep disorders in children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Schneeberg treats these sleep disorders at the Yale Centers for Sleep Medicine and her specialty areas include insomnia, narcolepsy, circadian sleep disorders and pediatric sleep issues such as behavioral insomnia of childhood. She also provides clinical and didactic training in behavioral sleep medicine to Sleep Medicine Fellows.

Education & Training

PsyD University of Denver, Clinical Psychology (1993)
Psychology Resident Gaylord Hospital and Specialty Healthcare
Psychology Intern West Haven VA Medical Center
Board Certification AB of Sleep Medicine, Clinical Sleep Disorders (2005)

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