Jason DeViva, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

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Psychiatry: Psychology Section

Office of Cooperative Research


Jason DeViva is a clinical psychologist who currently works with the VA Connecticut Health Care System as part of the posttraumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorders treatment program. He is the military sexual trauma coordinator for VA Connecticut and the VA military sexual trauma point of contact for the New England region. He is a regional trainer and national consultant for the VA's disseminations of cognitive processing therapy for PTSD and cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia. He has worked in the VA system for the past 13 years, treating veterans of all eras with posttraumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorders. He has published numerous papers on sleep in individuals with PTSD and on factors related to engagement with and completion of evidence-based psychotherapy for PTSD. He is co-author of an award-winning book for family and loved ones of individuals with posttraumatic stress.

Education & Training

PhD University of Hawaii (2001)
Postdoctoral Fellow Dartmouth Medical School
Predoctoral Intern Battle Creek VA Medical Center

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Jason DeViva, PhD
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Psychiatry950 Campbell Ave.
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