Barbara C Walsh

Research Associate Psychiatry

Departments & Organizations

PRIME Psychosis Prodrome Research Clinic

Specialized Treatment for Early Psychosis (STEP) Program


Barbara C. Walsh, PhD is the Clinical Coordinator for the PRIME Clinic at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Walsh oversees the clinical evaluation and treatment performed on young people at the clinic and is responsible for providing psychoeducation on the early warning signs of serious mental illness in young people to a wide variety of communities. She is also responsible for training professionals, both here in the United States and abroad, on the proper use of the assessment instruments used to diagnose the early warning signs of serious mental illness in young people. She co-authored the book "The Psychosis-risk Syndrome" Handbook.

At STEP, she provides community outreach and professional detailing, patient assessments and patient treatment including Family Therapy work. She views this transition to working with patients experiencing their first episode of psychosis at this "sister" clinic to PRIME as natural progressive in her work. She has over 25 years of experience working in the mental health field and several publications. Extensive experience in family, child and adolescent therapy mark Dr. Walsh’s clinical training. In her leisure time, she enjoys kayaking, the beach and anything related to the water and lighthouses.

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