Albert Joseph Arias, MD, MS

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Research Interests

Alcoholism; Pharmacogenetics; Psychiatry; Psychopharmacology; Veterans; Substance Abuse Detection; Alcohol-Induced Disorders

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Psychiatry: Addictions, Division of

Faculty Research

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

Dr. Arias researches new treatments for addiction to alcohol and drugs. Dr. Arias also is interested in helping to personalize medical treatment by applying genetics to treatment research.

Specialized Terms: Alcoholism; Pharmacotherapy for alcoholism; Pharmacogenetics; Dual diagnosis; Drug Addiction

Extensive Research Description

Dr. Arias has worked on clinical trials for alcoholism for more than a decade, and continues to work on clinical trials of novel therapeutics to reduce drinking. Formerly a co-investigator at the Clinical Research and Evaluation Unit at University of Connecticut Health Center, he currently works as a co-investigator under the mentorship of Dr. Ismene Petrakis with her alcohol research group at the VA in West Haven. Dr. Arias is currently funded by 5-year VA Merit Award to study the medication zonisamide to treat Alcohol Dependence, as well as an R01 to study zonisamide treatment of alcoholism in civilians including the translational study of its pharmacogenetics and clinical mechanism of action. He is currently working on the development of the anticonvulsant perampanel for alcohol and cocaine use disorder. Additional precision and personalized medicine projects include the empirical sub-typing and classification of persons with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), and the development of multi-gene pharmacogenetic approaches for AUD treatment.

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Albert Joseph Arias, MD, MS
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VA Connecticut Healthcare
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