Directors' Welcome

Psychiatry has entered an era of revolutionary growth. Advances in genetics and neurobiology are unveiling the basis of mental illness. As a clinical neuroscience, psychiatry is poised on the threshold of major breakthroughs in the treatment of addictive, anxiety, mood, psychotic and cognitive disorders. Dramatic changes in our conception, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness are certain, and opportunities to be a part of such discoveries have never been greater.

Residency is a pivotal stage of a physician-scientist’s career path, where clinical and scientific independence and leadership are cultivated. For generations, the Yale NRTP has helped physician-scientists achieve their aspirations and has trained leaders in academic psychiatry. We hope that you will consider our program and help us realize our field's bright future.

Robert Malison, MD Christopher Pittenger, MD, PhD Marina Picciotto, PhD
NRTP Director NRTP Associate Director NRTP Associate Director