Department Establishes Voluntary (Clinical) Faculty Committee

07/26/2011: This year, the Yale Psychiatry Department established a new committee charged with overseeing the range of activities that involve the Department's 336 professionals that constitute its Voluntary (Clinical) Faculty. These Lecturers, Clinical Instructors, Assistant Clinical Professors, Associate Clinical Professors, and Clinical Professors contribute a range of critically important and highly valued supervisory, teaching, mentoring, consultative, clinical, advisory, and administrative functions to students, trainees, and faculty.

Historically, three previous committees had been charged with overseeing the allocation and utilization of clinical faculty; independent review of clinical faculty for appointment, reappointment, or promotion; and liaison of clinical faculty with the department and the broader professional community.

The new Voluntary Faculty Committee (VFC) incorporates all of the previously mentioned functions and has an expanded mission which includes: 1) the development of continuing education opportunities; 2) the evaluation of a range of activities that may constitute one’s voluntary contribution; 3) mentoring related to faculty career development; and 4) the recognition of voluntary faculty contributions through awards and promotions.

The bulk of the committee's initial work focused on the review for re-appointment of 170 voluntary faculty members, the development of a new monthly Clinical Practice Seminar to be held before or after the Department’s Friday Grand Rounds, and planning for the annual clinical faculty dinner.

The VFC was constituted to include the broadest possible perspectives, including faculty representatives from the Department's various institutions, disciplines, training programs, and other stakeholder groups. It had its first meeting in March 2011, met bi-weekly through June, and will resume in September. The Department appreciates and wishes to acknowledge the significant investment in time and energy provided by the new committee members: Elizabeth Brett, PhD; Catherine Chiles, MD; Vladimir Coric, MD; Eileen Becker-Dunn, MSW; Deborah Fried, MD; Katherine Kennedy, MD; Marshal Mandelkern, MD, PhD; Mahmoud (Max) Okasha, MD; Manuel Paris, PsyD; Robert Rohrbaugh, MD; Harvey Ruben, MD; Marc Rubenstein, MD; and Rajesh Tampi, MD. The committee is chaired by Samuel Ball, PhD with administrative support provided by Connie Ferguson.

Please continue to read the Department’s e-newsletter for more information about the committee as well as the upcoming Clinical Practice Seminar series. The Department will provide information as the clinical faculty dinner plans are finalized.