Neuroscience 2011

Representative Patrick J. Kennedy, Honoree

Neuroscience 2011 honored Representative Patrick J. Kennedy for his efforts to promote parity for mental illness and eliminate stigma and discrimination associated with brain disorders. Representative Kennedy gave a riveting acceptance speech noting the vast numbers of American soldiers and veterans who suffer the invisible wounds of war, and remarking on our responsibility as a society, not to turn our back on these heroes. The brain has been called the last frontier in medicine. As President John F. Kennedy challenged Americans to redefine the realm of possibility by sending a man to the moon, Representative Kennedy is challenging scientists, government, industry, academia, philanthropists, patients and families to make a similar commitment to uncover the mysteries of the mind.

For more information: Rep. Kennedy's One Mind Campaign
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Neuroscience 2011: Rep Patrick Kennedy

Representative Patrick J. Kennedy was honored at Neuroscience 2011.